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Friday, March 07, 2008


A new TLA especially suited to computer architecture at the large microprocessor companuies that I have worked at:

TTN. Time To Numbers. Specifically performance numbers.


I have a confession: I told a manager type guy at work that I needed to write a spreadsheet to prepare some hardware estimates. So, I wrote a spreadsheet programming it in Perl.

Actually, I am reviving a tool That I first wrote in undergrad circa 1984- a sort of free form spreadsheet. Not WYSIWYG in this incarnation, but could/should be. Actually started (re)writing it this summer. Formex = Formula Expander. I am quite happy.

Thunderbird (map Interface to Gmail.

I got sick and tired of Gmail's web interface, but I want to use it as my mail store-since amain has already outlasted of my PCs.So I installed Thunderbird. Imap to browse on the Gmail server; it appears that can use POP to back up the email, albeit without tags/ labels.

The mapping of Gmail tags/ labels to Imap folders sucks. Gmail needs some sort of structure for its tags.

TabletPC pen enables Gmail.

I have finally started using my new Tablet PC, and I am happy!!

I have used Gmail for my personal, non work stuff, for Years I but have always hated its interface: too much mouse clicking.

With the pen, fiddly I can use it.

Ironic that I just installed the Thunderbird Imap interface to G mail.

Heck, the TabletPC may help me write more on this blog. If only I could carry this Tablet every where - but since I also have a work laptop, that's a bit too much. OQO?

Google Personal Accounting

I used to be an assiduous user of Quicken for my personal accounts. I found that I could easily enter my receipts on my pen computer (originally a Compaq Concerto, later a Toshiba Tablet), and on myKyocera SmartPhone.

But then a series of unfortunate events caused me to fall off the diligent accounting wagon:

a) my employer, stopped allowing us to use our personal computers at work - so I could not do my accounts, e.g., at lunch. (Well, actually, I could, but who wants to carry two laptops/tablets around).

b) my Kyocera SmartPhone\ did not die, but it refused to work at my desk at work in Oregon. Only AT&T/Cingular phones work most places at my work campus. So I switched phone companies and, in the US, this meant that I switched phones. My wife and I still miss our Kyocera.

We have not found another software package that allows receipts to be entered on our phones. Actually, even if we had, we have not found a phone that we like using as a smartphone- mainly because we have not found another stylus based phone, and we hate teensy weensy keyboards.

c) the last straw was when my desktop died a few years ago. It had not be been backed up for quite a while. Although I talked about disk recovery, I basically just gave up on accounting.

Now I want to get back on the wagon. So this morning before work I googled far accounting software. Quicken of course - in both Quicken Online, and offline versions, the latter with a web entry option.

Now, I want to be able to enter accounts offline, when not connected to the net. E.g.. in an airplane. But I also want to be able to enter from other then my main PC, e.g. from my phone the way I used to. And I also want both any wife and I to be able to use it. fleck, I want us both to be able to USE it-not just enter transactions, but browse accounts, etc.

So, Quicken Online works, except for the offline requirement; whereas Quicken Web Entry works, but doesn't give 2 users full access.

While searching, I byes wading: does Google have an online accounts program? I came across the following conversation:


I guess I am already an example: I am actively sanely for a web, plus offline, accounting system. And already use Google. I an wrestling with the security implication of online proud finance information - but heck, my bank and retirement and everyone else is all online. What would feet another do except provide one stop shopping for fraudsters?

Google has never done a good job at solving the "offline problem" - aka the "airplane problem". But apart from that, they rock.

I wonder which will care first: offline Google docs + spreadsheets 2 Calendar, on Google personal accounting?