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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Data Tracking

Data Tracking:

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On Tuesday:

- my FitBit reports 16 minutes of exercise.

- Moves, an iPhone tracking app, reports 39 minutes of walking

- my Jawbone UP2 reports that I was active for 1h19m, and that I had a 24minute walk.

- the Misfit app on my Pebble watch reports 12m of moderate activity, and 44 minutes of light activity.

- this Aetna site reports 51 minutes of exercise, which it says it read from my Moves app.

Go figure.

These devices certainly have inconsistent metrics.

Performing · Quadro

It looks like Quadro's "fluid gestures" (press on group, group opens, slide to button within group, release) explains the "bouncing" that I have been complaining about.  Although they say that I should be able to tap on a group and then tap on the final item, it appears that my taps are too slow - so they interpret them as "fluid gestures" and select the button beneath the group button.

Many systems have similar UI distinctions, but they usually offer a configuration slider for tap speed.

Performing · Quadro: "Fluid gestures
When launching an action inside a group, or recall an option from the toolbar, the usual method is to tap on the parent (the group for instance) and then again to reach the final item (the action in this case).

A better solution though is to perform the aforementioned task with a single move, called Fluid Gesture. To use fluid gestures, just pose your finger on the nesting item (a Group, the Favorites, the editing button...) and pan, without lifting your finger, to the nested item of choice (an action, a favorite palette...) then lift your finger.

Doing this launches the item your finger was placed on.


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New pad layout and iPad Pro optimization

I am very happy that labels can be displayed underneath the "icons" on even the smallerst 1x1 Quadro button/pads.   As I posted earlier, this really helps.

However, it would also be nice if labels could be displayed underneath the "artwork" on similarly sized Quadro button/pads.

I am not sure of the difference between "icons" and "artwork".  Both are pictures one can display on a pad.  Perhaps artwork is color, and icons are white on black?

In any case, it is unfortunate that the best symbol I have found for "grocery shopping" is not able to have the label text beneath it just because it is "artwork" and not an "icon"  (because it isn't THAT good a symbol).

New pad layout and iPad Pro optimization: "Labels can now be displayed on all pads, including the smallest. Since release, this has been highly requested and was more than necessary with the iPad Pro. (Curious fact: we received more requests for this from iPhone users than iPad!)"

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Bug: Typing with the Keyboard · Quadro

Typing with the Keyboard · Quadro'via Blog this'

This page says "Quadro includes a hidden Keyboard for quick text edit and management.

You can recall the keyboard with a single swipe from the bottom of the display-up."

Not on my iPhone 6+.  On my iPhone 6+, swiping  from the bottom of the display up gets me Apple's standard "Control Center" https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202769

In general, I have more trouble with the swipe gestures on Quadro than on any of the other apps that use them.   On Quadro, I can barely do a swipe from left edge at all. Fortunately, for that there is a workaround.  But I have not found a workaround for Quadro's swioe from bottom of display up to get the keyboard (NOT)".

I am going to make a slew of blog posts that are really problem reports against Quadro.   "Blog this" is the easiest way I know of to make such reports.

(I used to have a set of weblets that posted such reports to my wiki - but, since I took my wiki down, no easy way.)