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Thursday, March 20, 2008

SmartPhone blog disappears?

I was about to post about how happy I am with my new SmartPhone - and, indeed, I am very happy. It does everything I bought it for:

  • phone
  • synchronze with my calendar, so I don't have to use my PC to figure out what meeting I ned to go to.
    • Slow PC. Bad virusscanner
    • E.g. my SmartPhone beeps me awake at 6am, I roll over, and look at whether I have a 7am, 8m, 9am, or whatever meeting. I.e. my SmartPhone has made it safe to sleep in?
  • pen input with Transcriber
  • wifi web browsing a bonus
But... I entered a nice blog entry using pen input. Scrolled down, hit the "post" button. Nothing. Nor using the scroll button.

Evetually my post evaporated. So much for it being saved automatically.

So, not everything is hunk dory. But I am still happier with my SmartPhone, my AT&T Tilt (HTC 8925) than I am with any laptop or tablet PC I have bought or used recently.