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Friday, August 08, 2008

More slowness at startup

Today is not really a fair example: I was starting up today from shutdown and power down, i.e. I was doing a cold boot, because I had been running various tools, installing patches, etc. all night long. (I may record notes about how long *that* took; suffice it to say that my computer was useless 12noon yesterday to 6am today, and the job is still not done.)

But, although it may not be comparable to earlier logs of such slowness, it is fair to say that it is typical: I do such a cold boot every week or so, on bad days two or three times in a day.

I cam in late because I was installing virus scanner patches at hope - "High priority security updates" that I was warned could not be interrupted.

Times off my cell phone:

10:11 cold boot starts

10:13 logged in to windows (that wasn't so bad - in fact, that was faster than standby often is)

10:15 desktop is visible

10:16 screen resize to fit docking station

10:18 Outlook starts

10:20 Outlook meeting notifications visible - however, they do not immediately respon when I hit the click button

10:22 Outlook still not responding to attempts to dismiss meetings or read email

... Have to run to a meeting.

BOTTOM LINE: more than 11 minutes wasted, and never got to the point where I could actually use my computer.