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Sunday, November 05, 2017

OneNote [[links]] not quite as good as wiki

How to Master Microsoft Office OneNote: "Automatically create new pages, linked together in a master list: If you’re working on a project that you know will require several pages of notes, here’s a killer shortcut: Type two square left brackets followed by the title of the first note you want to make and then type two right square brackets at the end. OneNote will instantly create a new note with that title and a link to it in your current note. " 
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I am glad that OneNote accepts  the double square bracket syntax to create links to pages that do not exist yet - a syntax that is common in wikis.

It is unfortunate, however, that OneNote automatically creates the page as soon as the [[link]] is typed - rather than when dereferenced, as wikis do.  Doing it wiki-style allows you to search for pages that you want but which have not been created yet - whereas doing it OneNote style results in a lot of empty pages.