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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sharing Kindles in a Family

We want to share Kindles between the members of our family - so that we can treat them as a pool of devices of different form factors, ranging from small through large.

For that matter, we often read the same books.

It looks like the only way to do this sharing is to share a Kindle account.

Since I don't want to have a credit card attached to the account my teenager logs in to, I create a second account - one associated with the Kindle, the other for purchasing books.  I can then use "give a book" to, well, give a book from the CC account to the K account.

For that matter, my wife and daughter both have their own Amazon accounts. Makes gift card management easier.  Now we must remember to give books to the K account.

Lossage: subscriptions need a credit card account.  I may arrange a card with very low limit.

If at some time we no lionger need to swap Kindles of various sizes, we may rebind.


It is annoying that the Kindle does not allow multiple accounts. In this, it is like the early DOS and Windows PCs, who could not understand that multiple different users might want to use the same device.