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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Craftsman Should Choose His Tools

I have long said that a craftsman should choose his tools.  Indeed, I have long practiced it, to the extent that corporate IT departments have allowed it.

For many years, my primary computer was a tablet PC. (Compaq Concerto 1992(? when did it come out?) to 1998; a Toshiba Portege 3500 at AMD in 2002-4.  Intel IT stopped this.)

I have often used my own Biomorph computer desk at work.  (Intel, AMD, and now at IV.  But Intel IT stopped this 2004-2009.)

I nearly always provide my own keyboard, separate numeric pad, and trackball.

At work today I have provided all of my own displays:  3 1920x1200 24" displays, with USB display adapters.  I think this makes me much more productive than using the company standard 1680x1050 monitor.

At the end of the day, my productivity is my own responsibility.  If better tools help me be more productive, good on me.

Mobile Docking Mobile

I wish that I could "dock" my iPod shuffle with my smartphone.

Actually, I wish that my iPod shuffle could download new podcasts for me to listen to over the air (OTA).  But I can understand how that might be difficult for a device as small as the iPod shuffle.

But I wish that I could control my iPod shuff;e from my smartphone.  I don't want to mess with no stinking PC no longer!


Another possibility: make it possible to ssh or https *into* an iPod shuffle. Give it USB bridged to Ethernet, so that it can charge, and be controlled, from the web.  Or tether it to a USB phone.  Or wireless (battery, again).