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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Website" Root

Andy Glew @ Google Docs

This is Andy Glew's "website" at Google Docs.


Its main purpose is to hold my curriculum vita - a very verbose approximation to my resume, approximately 11 pages. Also a much shorter resume, approximately 1 page.

This site was updated Dec 27, 2008. As of this date the most up-to-date versions of my resume and CV may be found on Google Docs:

Other Stuff

AutoHotKey scripts: http://www.autohotkey.net/~glew/

Lots of posts on comp.arch.  Many excerpted for USEnet Nuggets in CAN, Computer Architecture News.

History of Andy Glew Websites

This Google Docs "site" replaces an earlier Geocities website: http://www.geocities.com/andrew_f_glew.

rather sad: Google Docs has a better editor, but Yahoo GeoCities allows
me to have more meaningful URLs. Google Docs cannot really be said to
be a website at all, since the URLs are gobbledygook.

You may find other, stale, websites for Andy Glew
scattered around the web, often at schools I attended where my old web
pages live, but where I can no longer log on. E.g. UWisc. These stale
pages may have some useful data not represented here, since intervening
websites such as Geocities were more restrictive, in disk space and
convenience, than a university website, but the resumes are out of

Similarly, Andy used to work at Intel MRL, where
there was Andy's MRL bio. MRL's web site was never actually editable by
Andy, only by the MRL webmaster.

For an example of a web based system that is easier to maintain, look at Ward Cunningham's wiki, e.g. Andy's wiki home page.

My LinkedIn pages provide some information, but are limited in size and, hence, detail.

See my social networking doc page for information about my presence on various social networking tools. In particular, see the "My" Photograph page for credits for the photograph I use on many such pages.

More AutoHotKey stuff

I just uploaded http://groups.google.com/group/lifehacker-coders/web/Glew-AHK-stuff.tgz
which contains a tree menu system, that can be navigated entirely by
keybaord, that contains a whole slew of windows commands (basically,
the simple commands in AutoHotKey help), plus a few "keyboard modes"
to allow m,ouse motion, window motion, window sizing, etc. by
keyboard. Plus the "maximize to half screen", "lower right screen",

Posting such stuff to the Lifehacker / AutoHotkey mailing list. Probably also www.autohotkey.net

Monday, August 03, 2009

AutoHotKey Swap Delete and Backspace

I found that the standard AutoHotkey technique to swap BS and Del


did not work for me, because I need to turn it on and off quite a lot as I move around.

So, I wrote the following.

Would post it to some AutoHotKey sharing site, but can't seem to access such at the moment.

; AutoHotkey Version:
; Language: English
; Platform: Win9x/NT/XP
; Author: Andy Glew: andy.glew@intel.com, ag-ahk@patten-glew.net
; Script Function:
; Swap Delete and Backspace
; with a menu to enable/disable.
; Why?: because I am constantly docking and undocking my laptop
; when undocked I don't need to swap Del and BS
; but when docked at work, with my Happy Hacker keyboard, I do.
; And I found that killing the script was a bit too annoying.


#InstallKeybdHook ; unconditionally installing the keyboard hook.
; TBD: may not be necessary
; TBD: may waste memory and slow down system

#SingleInstance force ; replace any already running instance of this script

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; Autoexec'ed
Menu,DeleteBackspace,Add,Swap backspace and delete,ToggleBsDelSwapSetting
Menu,DeleteBackspace,Add,#!Del/BS - this menu to enable/disable,ToggleBsDelSwapSetting
SwapBackspaceAndDelete = 0

Menu,DeleteBackspace,ToggleCheck,Swap backspace and delete
SwapBackspaceAndDelete := SwapBackspaceAndDelete ^ 1


; #-Win, !-Alt, ^-Ctl, +-shift
; # right Win, etc.
; * - ignore other modifiers
; $ - prevent self-recursion (e.g. {Del} can send {Del}


; On the Happy Hacker keyboard, I need to swap Delete and Backspace

; TBD: I wish that I could create a function to do such swapping, but I seem to be unable to in AutoHotKey

;MsgBox Delete %SwapBackspaceAndDelete%
if ( SwapBackspaceAndDelete ) {
SendPlay, {BackSpace}
else {
SendPlay, {Delete}

;MsgBox BackSpace %SwapBackspaceAndDelete%
if ( SwapBackspaceAndDelete ) {
SendPlay, {Delete}
else {
SendPlay, {BackSpace}

;MsgBox NumPadDel %SwapBackspaceAndDelete%
if ( SwapBackspaceAndDelete ) {
SendPlay, {BackSpace}
else {
SendPlay, NumPadDel}


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dragon Speech Recognition

I have just installed Dragon speech recognition. I used to use Dragon speech recognition more than 10 years ago, but gave up, not because of speech recognition quality, but because it annoyed cubicle desk neighbors, and mainly because it became a pain to have to reinstall on every new computer.

I have opened this blog entry to record a few impressions as I start using Dragon again after this decade of nonuse.

I think that I needed to enter in more training this time around about 12 minutes of reading Arthur C. Clarke.

I thought that under the old Dragon I was able to turn the microphone on and off by voice. Or, rather, I think there were three microphone modes: (A.) completely off can't be turned on or off at all by voice; (B.) completely on, used for all commands; and (C.) a mode where the microphone was actually on but where all commands except something like "turn the microphone on" were ignored. The last mode was convenient for disabling accidental voice commands.
Ahhh... there is such a mode: "go to sleep" or "stop listening."

The Dragon bar has something called a select and say indicator, that is supposed to indicate whether the application you are connected to supports all of Dragon's functionality. I find it rather amusing that the application bar is yellow when connected to Dragon naturally speaking tutorial. I.e. the tutorial program doesn't support Dragon completely.

It is a bit sad that Firefox's text window, such as I am speaking this blog entry into, inspires Dragon to say "dictating to a nonstandard window". I wonder if this will be enough to force me to use Internet Explorer for my blog entries.

It is already evident that speech recognition, once again, allows me to be more verbose than when I was typing. Since I am already pretty verbose even when I am typing, this may be considered a downside. On the other hand, it looks like Dragon's spelling is better than my spelling when I am typing.

Dragons undo and redo capabilities seem somewhat restricted. Particularly when you are typing in words like "undo" and "redo". I think the biggest annoyance that I've had with speech recognition so far is accidentally undoing.

Microsoft's habit of automatically changing the focus to Windows as they pop up just caused me a problem: I started speaking into a pop up window.

Dragon's correction occasionally has problems: I just tried to correct "cause" into "caused", and Dragon recognized the correction correctly, but somehow got the insertion of the correction incorrect, resulting in "ccaused".