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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Log entries cloned to status

I want to make logs (diaries, journals, etc.) more useful.

I have discussed the distinction between log entries - "at time T I did or observed this" - and status records - "the current state, e.g. of a code tree or my home directory, is SSSSS".

I.e. log entries are transient and historical.

Status entries are persistent, and, supposedly, current.

The big problem is that status goes stale.  So status is always of the form "At time T the status was S (and I assume it still is, unless somebody has changed it, in which case they should please change the status)".

It is a pain to update both status and log.

Many log entries are status.  But the log is not status - if for now other reason than a log grows huge, and periodically gets cleaned out or renamed.

Idea: automaticaly mark blurbs that are being written as status entries, in addition o adding them to the log.  (I want to make everyting written get logged.)

E.g. copy them to ~/STATUS as well as ~/LOG.  Linked appropriately.