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Monday, August 09, 2010

Apple holds a conference of shame - The Inquirer

Apple holds a conference of shame - The Inquirer: "Next up Jobs lied and said that other phones had similar problems. He even put up a slide comparing the Iphone 4 with other smartphones that work, such as the Blackberry."

I was poking around The Inquirer, clicking through to this somewhat old link, when I realized:

I have a Blackberry.

I have been plagued with random errors when I hold it in my hand. My LEFT hand. Errors that don't occur when I hold it in my right hand, or leave it on a desk to use as a speaker phone. Errors that manifest as the phone going blank, as if there was a short or a loose battery connection. Errors that basically make this particular phone - hmph, I can't easily tell what model it is - useless as a handset. Errors that IT cannot easily reproduce - I wonder now if it is because they are right handed.

(I am right handed, but I do many things left handed. Including holding my cell phone.)

Most likely I really do just have a loose battery or case. Can't tell if it is a systematic design flaw without gathering much more data.

But would it not be funny if Jobs was right?