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Monday, August 31, 2015

Now trying Pebble as a fitness (swim) monitor

After my disappointment with the Withings Activite' Pop, described in previous blog entry, I am going to try the Pebble smartwatch.

Actually, I was about to give up and reproduce my old configuration - a Basis watch, *AND* a Jawbone UP wristband - but I realized that I could get both a Jawbone UP2 and an original Pebble for the price of the current Basis Peak model.

Plus, the Pebble is the only other relatively inexpensive fitness watch that supposedly can handle both swimming and walking. After the Withings Activite' Pop, the next stop seems to be Garmin triathlon devices >> 200$.

Plus++, the Pebble supposedly has much other goodness: downloadable apps, a free SDK so that I can try writing my own, etc.

Performing a Force Sync & Simulated Workout (Pebble) – Swim.com:

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