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Friday, June 23, 2017

ISCA 2017: " Ignore the warnings about the certificate."

ISCA 2017: " Ignore the warnings about the certificate."
It seems wrong that the webpage for ISCA, the International Symposium on Computer Architecture, which has two sessions on security and also includes a workshop on Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy, cannot do certificate based security properly.

I haven't looked at the certs, but I understand why: creating a cert for a subdomain which such a relatively short active life is a pain. Yes, even with the EFFs free certs.  (Note that conference websites often survive years, sometimes decades - but nobody gets credit for securing such a site after the conference ends. (Hmm, maybe bad guys who want to attack the sorts of people who go to such conferences should make such stale sites infectious.) )

Still: computer architects  should know enough to get valid certs.

And I wish that the world was more comfortable in allowing domain owners to issue signing certs fir subdomains, and so on.