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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

OneNote LOG special page naming conventions

e.g. ** Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A "** Day LOG page".

Special page indicating start of a day.

NOT necessarily containing the actual log entry

Frequently empty, with OneNote pages for that day following.

Sometimes I add comments, etc., about the day.

The creation date for for a "**DayLogPage" is typically set to 12:00AM midnight on that day,
in the timezone I was working in at the time.

Mostly NOT using OneNote sub-page indentation

I would like to use OneNotes parent / sub-page relationships - but OneNote only supports 3 levels (top,sub,subsub), which is nowhere near enough.

E.g. I might like to have collapsible Week/Day/Topic/sub-Topic) hierarchy

. Spacer Pages

I find it convenient to have spacer pages in the list of pages within a OneNote section.

Since empty pages get "Untitled page" implicitly supplied, instead a use pages whose title is as close to invisible as possible, just a "." (period).

---+ section special pages

I use these to divide the pages for a day into sections.
---+, ---++

Default sections are for sorting - taking Raw LOG pages, and dividing them into work and non-work related pages, so that I can separate work and non-work

---+ Work - Restricted

Stuff that is work restricted, sensitive, or proprietary - stuff that should be moved to a company notebook, stuff that I am not

Sometimes I may leave a link to such work restricted stuff around in my personal notebook LOG.

Sometimes even the title of the page is restricted.

---+ Work - Related - Public or Personal

Stuff that is work related, but which is not company proprietary, or secret.  Stuff that may be left in my personal notebook - although I may move a link to my work notebook

E.g. HR stuff. 

E.g. public technical papers, that I think may be relevant to work projects.

---+ Personal or Public - not Work Related

Stuff that is not work related.  Stuff that need not be moved or linked to a company notebook.

Not distinguishing public, personal, private.  Assume personal or private.

---+ Not Yet Classified

Typically I insert a block of special pages

** Tuesday, March 19, 2019
---+ Work - Restricted
---+ Work - Related - Public or Personal
---+ Personal or Public - not Work Related
---+ Not Yet Classified

collect OneNote pages under the ---+ Not Yet Classified
special page "section",
and then during review move them to the appropriate classification,
and thence to the appropriate company proprietary or personal notebook,