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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More startup slowness

This morning:

9:10 start from standby
9:12 mouse movement and clicks start working.
9:13 display gets resized
9:15 resize done
(yes: resizing on my ThinkPad takes at least 1 minutes, circa 2)
9:16 Outlook is now visible, although it is not responding to clicks.
Apparently it is archiving email
9:17 Today's calendar is visible
9:20 Internet Explorer windows still framed, but blank inside the frame
9:21 I have finally been able to read my first email on Outlook.
However, disposing of it and moving on the the next email still takes a very
long time.
9:23 I regret making the mistake of clicking on a link in a piece of Outlook email.
Now both Outlook and Internet Explorer are hung.
9:33 Finally, Internet Explorer display the link that I clicked on 10 minutes ago.

Bottom line:
7 minutes to where I can look at my calendar
11 minutes to where I could read my first email.
23 minutes to where I can actually process email that involves web.links

More slowness at startup

Yesterday, Tuesday:

8:28 start from Standby
8:30 Outlook visible, but blocked - not accepting input, etc.
8:35 able to change Windows in Outlook, can see calendar, but can't do email yet
8:38 Outlook says it is archiving folders
8:39 still getting hourglass
8:42 able to read email

Bottom line: 14 minutes from start, to reading email.