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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flying Tablet

Flying today once again demonstrates the advantage of a pen-based tablet PC. The seats are just too close to open my convertible tablet PC in clamshell/notebook mode so I can use the keyboard to type. And, even though I have three seats next to each other all to myself, twisting sideways to use the PC keyboard in clamshell mode is too much of a pain. Especially since turbulence was producing a lot of typing errors.

But using it in slate mode works fine. interestingly, I normally use cursive, as I am doing now, for handwriting input. But, earlier, when the turbulence was bad, I found that the letter "comb" was less sensitive to turbulence induced errors.


 Sometimes I fear that I am the only person in the world to like handwriting. yesterday shopped for a new cellulose and/or tablet. First time I actually held a Dell Streak, the 5" phone. I quite like the size _ it fit in mf pocket _ but the device B show, with slow wireless, a slow processor, and an old version of Android. I quite liked the Samsung Galaxy, and I actually used its on-screen touch keyboard to enter a page on my comp-arch.net wiki. I quite wish it cou\d be used as a phone, just to avoid having to pay for another dataplan. I am considering getting the tablet and going with a cheap non-smart phone.