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Monday, October 08, 2012

Notifications not just for beginning but also for end of event

My daughter has an activity that my wife drops her off at, and from which I pick her up at the end.

Most calendar programs provide notifications and alarms only for the start of meetings and activities.

Now, one could (and historically I have) create separate events for the beginning and end.  But this leads to inconsistencies, e.g. when the activity time is changed, but the pickup event is not changed.

Idea: provide multiple alarms or notifications for events, not just at start, but also at end.

Actually, more like a compound calendar item:

1) the activity or duration

2) the event items for my wife to take our daughter to the activity

3) the event item for me to leave wherever I am leaving from (work, home - lead time depends on were I am, and that should also be automated) and pick Sophie up.
    Scheduled relative to the END of the event.


Cancelling such a compound event removes all.

Moving, changing the time - may want to query.  If rescheduled, I may end up dropping off, and my wife may end up picking up.


May also want internal times, not just beginning and end.

E.g. for an all day event, e.g. my wife and daughter at one day of a multi day folk music festival, I may be able to attend only one lunch hour.


This general insight - that it is almost as important to schedule and remind yourself of when an activity should end as begin - is, I regret, somewhat new to me.  It is implicit is stuff like Pomodoro scheduling.  But I am only just now beginning to think of it explicitly.

Simple thing: I am trying to schedule an alarm on my Android device for the next time I should look up.

Now, which of the umnpteen alarm programs should I use...?