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Monday, May 18, 2009

git usage model - individual files, subdirs

My attempts o use git are running into usage model problems.

As mentioned before, I have checked two diverged CVS trees into different branches of the same git repository. I want to merge the branches - but not all at once. I want to merge on a file by file, directory by directory, subprobject by subproject, basis, testing as I go.

Unfortunately, apparently git-merge is all or nothing. It merges all of the files in a branch, but does not have the option of merging one at a time.

I.e. it does not seem to have the ability to do what in CVS might look like

cvs update -rbranch1
cvs update -jbranch2 foo.c
cvs ci

merging only foo.c

This is the rub. Git seems only capable of treating the entire repo, the entire branch, as an object, whereas I look on files, directories, etc. as potential subobjects.

I am falling back to checking out two different git repos for the branches, and merging "manually" by copying files from one to the other. But this sucks.