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Thursday, July 28, 2016

FitBit: Goal Day Challenge Not Calculating - Infinity ... - Fitbit Community

Solved: Re: Goal Day Challenge Not Calculating - Infinity ... - Fitbit Community:

I just had the same problem: 12k steps on my FitBit, and in app, and in webpage, but infinity as reported in one of the challenges I was participating in. (But not in a different challenge.)

"Fixed" by quitting, and then having a friend invite me back in.

Nevertheless this is a bug.  It may be a SW bug in FitBit, an uncorrected DRAM error - or, worse, evidence of iPhone malware breaking in. Possibly through a bug in FitBit, possibly through some other iPhone vulnerability such as the recent https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jul/22/stagefright-flaw-ios-iphone-imessage-apple

I am doing a factory reset now, but it may be too late - the malware may have already stolen all of my passwords and emptied all of my bank accounts.

This sort of +infinity bug is more scary than a "the FitBit iPhone app won't let me do...", because the +infinity indicates data corruption.
FitBit should fix this bug, if it is their bug.

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