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Tuesday, November 08, 2011



'via Blog this'

Most version control tools have a .ignore file or ignore - .cvsignore, .hgignore, vk ignore, bzr ignore, etc.

All that I am aware of ignore fils based on pattern matching on the filename. E.g. in Mercurial:
An untracked file is ignored if its path relative to the repository root directory, or any prefix path of that path, is matched against any pattern in .hgignore.
I would like to extend this to be able to do simple queries.

E.g. I usually have an ignore rule that looks something like
I.e. I ignore directories that are suffixed .novc (for no version control).

This works fine, but is somewhat verbose. Plus, it gets in the way when certan tools have other conventions about names.

I should like to get the .novc directvetive out of the filename, and into a placeholder file in the directory.

E.g. if .../path/.novc exists, then ignore .../path

Q: is it there, and I do not know?