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Friday, July 01, 2016

FitBit Charge Notifications (Calls)

---+ BRIEF:

The FitBit Charge notification features are almost useless.  At least compared to those on my Pebble watch.

---+ DETAIL:

I was given the FitBit Charge by my company, so had not done a full feature comparison.

I knew that the FitBit Charge was supposed to be able to receive call notifications from my phone, and I had noticed them from time to time --- but I was wondering why I did not notice them reliably.

Here's why: the FitBit vibrates briefly, so briefly that it is easy to miss. The FitBit Charge family only displays the message while the phone is ringing, + 10 seconds. It does not retain any history, so you can't go and see the notification after more than 10 seconds.  If you reflexively hit the FitBit button, the mesage erases.

Help article: How do I get notifications from my mobile device?: "When you receive a notification, your tracker vibrates and the notification scrolls for 10 seconds or, for a phone call, until the call is answered. Notifications are not stored on your tracker.

Press the button on your tracker to dismiss the notification at any time."
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The FitBit Surge notifies on calls and texts.

The FitBit Alta and Blaze notify on calls, texts, and calendar items.  (No info on selectivity.)

Essentially, the FitBit notification features are almost useless.  At least compared to those on my Pebble watch.