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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Exercise Machines

I am considering an exercise machine for home, since since my new house is further away from any health club than my old was. Talked to the repairman at my health club, about reliability. He said "Don't buy Sears or Walmart... Reputable brands like Precor..." Don't place in a basement or garage. Temperature fluctuations and moisture. Ellipticals are quite reliable. Treadmills break more often - motors. Stationary "spin" bicycles break surprisingly often, even though simple: perhaps because users "crank". The Precor AMT http://www.precor.com/products/en/home/amt/amtr-835-adaptive-motion-trainer breaks a lot. He is constantly repairing. But it is also most popular machine in gym. He thinks any home machine of any reputable brand will bne reliable enough, since used far less than at a health club. Rowing machines, such as http://concept2.com/us/indoorrowers/, are reliable, and really easy to repair. Parts like bicycle chains easy to find. However, most users do not know how to use. Electronics is the least reliable part. Then motors. He spoke highly of the Versaclimber, www.versaclimber.com, saying quite simple, easy to repairt, and a good workout. Also one of my favorite machines, although so intense / hurts my back so that I cannot do an hour on it.