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Monday, August 04, 2008

Slow Monday Morning

I complain constantly and profusely about how slow the computer is that IT forces me to use.

(I don't complain so much about my personal computers, which are faster to begin with, and less weighed down by IT software.)

This morning is a particularly bad example:

8:32 - start trying to use computer.

But this is a particularly bad slow day: (a) I reinstalled IT's BESclient, so as to allow me to try to upgrade some software, installing the missing Microsoft Equation Editor; and (b) when I went to bed last night at 1am I started up IT's backup tool, Connected TLM, which was still running.

Although I hit the "cancel" button on the backup in progress, after 8 minutes it had not even accepted the keypress so I went further:

8:40 - requested a "Restart" of the OS

circa 8:45 - the actual reboot started, after stopping all pending processes

8:53 - the reboot had progressed to the point where I could see the digital clock on the status bar

8:55 - my screen was resized by the reboot, to reflect my docking station configuration

8:56 - Outlook started

9:00 - I can finally see my Outlook calendar!!!

9:04 - I can finally see the first piece of email in my Outlook Inbox.

One way of looking at this is that it took 32 minutes from the time I decided to start using my computer, to the time I could do anything with it.