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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sorting, not Searching - for Gmail, using IMAP mailreader

I have bitched and moaned for quite a while about Gmail providing "searching, not sorting". True also of many Google (web)apps.

Sure, Google usually has good search.

But sorting is often the easiest way to go through a pile of stuff.  Sort, and then look for, e.g., many emails from the same company that you no longer have an account with.

Anyway, I have bitched and moaned about the lack of sorting in Gmail.

And today I realized ... I can just use Thunderbird via IMAP to access by Gmail account.  Thunderbird has sorting.  And, in a few hours, I have been able to get rid of several thousand emails.

Actually, this is not the first time I have realized this.  But when I tried it in the past Thunderbird regularly hung in annoying ways. Also, IMAP folders did not map wekll to Gmail labels.  It appears more reliable now.  Moreover, I am no longer trying to use Thunderbird for all of my Gmail - just for this sorting and clearing a lot of stuff out. Archiving. Deleting.