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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deinterleaved blogs

It has long annoyed me that I have been using blogger and google+1 recently as the easiest way to take notes.

Last night I coded up bookmarklets to make it convenient to append to several different logs, directly into my several different wikis.

Quite a few, actually:  27 different flavors of log, each with several operations - edit, append new section, append section filling with URL, etc.

Of course I generated the code. I did not hand code more than 100 bookmarklets.

Actually, I don't have room for all of these bookmarklets.  So I created a web page of them, and can drag them to my browser as needed.

TBD: place that web page somewhere public.


Leaving the stuff in wiki makes it easier, I hope, to eventually make assets, organized references, out of the raw logs.


Of course this really needs to be in a database.  It is stupid to have so many different logs.