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Monday, May 25, 2020

Wearable: suggest products: (1) media remote ring, (2) touch to XXX ring

 I just sent the following to Amerteer, from whom I bought a "wireless(BT) Presentation clicker ring"

Amerteer's website  not spelled the same way: http://amteer.com/Empty-contact_us.html

Because I like to see anybody do this .  Amerteer just came to mind because I've already bought 1 of their products. 


I bought your  presentation clicker ring.   it shows promise, although the key bindings you have used are useless for my purpose.

May I suggest that you consider creating a "media remote ring"?  Like the Satechi Media Remote Ring?

Buttons  for each of these following standard PC key codes


Noting that  this media remote has 5 buttons just like your presentation clicker, arranged in the same shape. The only differences that the key codes  sent to the PC are different -  and possibly the  symbols you print on the keys might be different.

I suggest the media remote ring because  it has a  big market comparable to your presentation clicker ring.  Which is more common?  PowerPoint presentations, or playing video? (Or both?)

I have other ideas for such ring devices.

E.g. I would like a push to XXX  button - a button that I can touch lightly.  When I touch, it emits a keycode like Media_Play_Pause DOWN.  When the touch is removed, it emits the keycode Media_Play_Pause DOWN

I.e. separate control for touch/down and release/up.

I am able to do this with the Satechi media remote ring,  and other media remotes.   however, the membrane buttons they are using require too much force me to keep press down, so using them for press to talk or  press to play  is uncomfortable.   therefore I'd like to suggest that you  use either a lighter touch button, or possibly a capacitive sensor  that can just tell when the fingers touching.

 I would prefer  key up/down push to touch  to auto repeat.   I don't know how widespread my need is, although I think it's more common now that touch phones are very common.

BTW:  my application: I use a dictation device  with speech recognition software. I would like to  "press to talk"  when I am dictating/talking to my computer. Faster than having to click a mouse button or the like, since I'm operating totally hands-free.

 I am currently using the Satechi media remote key,  but like I said the button requires too much force and is uncomfortable for push to talk.


Like I said, I have other  ideas for rings/finger worn devices.   as I am sure you  know,  there are many fancy proposals like gesture control and NFC and  Biometrics so on.   Those are great -  but your  presentation clicker and/or a media remote ring  are much simpler, and can be done with what you currently have. Just a slight reprogramming of your existing device.

 In fact, I don't even need all 5  buttons on your current presentation clicker ring device.   I would actually prefer to have only a single button. smaller, etc.