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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My new fitness watch: Withings Activite Pop

I just got my new fitness watch: the Withings Activite' Pop.

It replaces the Basis B1 watch and Jawbone UP that I have been wearing together, one on each wrist. I got the Basis in October 2013, and the Jawbone UP in November 2014. Replacing them because they died after being soaked in rinse water with my wetsuit. :-(

I considered getting a new Basis watch and a new Jawbone UP, since the combination worked well, except for the large UP being a bit tight.

But I decided to switch to the Withings Activite Pop, mainly because it was one of the few activity monitors that can automatically track swimming as well as walking.

This blog to track experience.

Ubiqiti EdgeMax ERLite-3 - Imagination Community

Ubiqiti EdgeMax ERLite-3 - Imagination Community:

'via Blog this'

Looks like this may be a fun and fairly inexpensive way to do 64-bit RISC hacking.  (MIPS64.)

Plus, if it doesn't work out, it's still a good router, recommended by the bufferbloat guys.