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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Bug or (Mis)Feature: Move Pads on top of each other

I cannot tell if this is a bug or a feature.  If it is a feature, I cannot figire out what it is good for.

Usually when I drag a pad nearly on top of another pad, the pad being moved onto is moved away.

However, when I very carefully position the pad that I am dragging exactly on top of the other pad, then the new pad occupies the space, and the other pad is hidden. But I can later drag the "top" pad away, and the pad underneath is revealed.

Is this intended behavior?

I hope not - I must admit that I became a bit panicky when I first saw this happen, thinking that the hidden pad (a group) had just been deleted.  But fortunately it could be revealed.

Move Pads · Quadro: "Move Pads
To move a Pad inside the Palette enter Edit Mode and perform a long tap on the pad to drag it around. Leave the finger once is placed in the desired position."

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