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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Krazy Glew's Blog

Krazy Glew's Blog: "I like being able to see my personal and work calendars at the same time"


I really need to be able to see work and personal calendars at the same time. Or else I create schedule conflicts.   I am a shared resource.

But in email, while I would like to be able to read personal and work email in a single place, I have learned the hard way not to - by accidentally forwarding work email to personal.

Idea?: unified email browser that asks "Are you sure", when cross forwarding?

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Calendar not syncing on replacement iPhone

This just a bug report, to report fix, fr my own memory, and perhaps to help anyone else with similar problem.

Today I had to replace my iPhone 6+.  15 months old, 3 months past the 1-year warranty - no extended warranty :-(.  329$ :-(.  Old phone started "flickering" at the top of the screen, and touchscreen went awry, not working, and/or phantom touches. Flexing sometimes made it go away, but it got worse overnight.  Apparently this is a common problem with iPhone 6+: the Apple Store person says that he sees 3 or more such problems a day.

After connecting the new phone to my Google account, gmail worked, but Google Calendar did not show up in the Apple Calendar app. (It did show up in the Google Calendar app - but, curiously, the Apple calendar app provides more control over Google Calendar features than does the Google Calendar app. Plus, I like being able to see my personal and work calendars at the same time.)

Fix was to go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Gmail, and toggle the Calendars button off (it was already on) / on / off / on multiple times.   Probably needed to delete info from the old instance.

Calendar and Contacts not syncing after iOS 9 u... | Apple Support Communities:

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