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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 seconds to file mail and move to next in Outlook

Reading a lot of email, and immediately filing and moving on to next.

The command is accepted quickly enough, but it is taking about 5 seconds to move on to the next email.

During that 5 seconds, I have the subject line of the new email, but the contents of the old. Several times I have wrongly handled mail because I thought the contents were for the old subject line, not the new.

Outlook. Specifically Outlook 2007.

It would nt be so bad if I were locked out for 5 seconds while filing the old and fetching the new - if, for example, there was some visual indication such as graying the old and new messages in the subject line summary, displaying the old message greyed in the preview pane, etc.

And if new interactive commands were locked out until the display was consistent.

And if the time delay were consistently, say, 5 seconds. But with it randomly varying between 3 and 10 seconds, it is hard to know when to trst what I see on my screen. I am finding myself counting secnds every time I go to a new screen, to give it a chance to become consistent.