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Thursday, May 17, 2018

WISH: windows 10 dynamic lock - non-phone, non-paired

windows 10 dynamic lock fitbit - Bing:

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  1. Lock your Windows 10 PC automatically when you step away from it.
    • Sounds great! :-)
  2. If you forget to lock your PC or tablet when you step away, Windows Hello can use a phone that's paired with your device to automatically lock it shortly after you're out of Bluetooth range. 
    • This sucks! :-(
What fraction of the population pair their phone with their PC?

  • I used to do device-PC pairing, back when I backed up my phone by synching to my PC.  And/or synched podcasts from net through PC to phone.
  • But now I mostly go direct from phone to cloud.  I don't Bluetooth pair phone to PC, not unless I am tethering a personal hotspot via BT.
  • In general, I try to avoid phone-to-PC paring, because it is a security hole.
Heck, what fraction of people have their phone in their pocket whenever they are at their PC?
  • OK, probably most
  • But not me.  
That's what I have a SmartWatch for.  Actually just a FitBit Versa, but good enough.

Dynamic Lock would be more useful to me if it detected the presence or absence of my FitBit.

But, again, I don't want to pair my FitBit with my PC.  I pair my FitBit with my phone.  I wear my FitBit even when my phone is far away, but even then there's an identifiabke BT signal.

NOTE: I don't want this to log IN>

Just to lock.