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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Emacs functions to manipulate multiple frames on multiple displays

;; Convenient functions to manipulate multiple frames on multiple displays

;; e.g. I often run emacs with 4 frames on 4 different VNC sessions

;; and often need to delete all but the current frame.

(progn ; test idiom: defun some stuff, and then test at end of progn. can eval to test interactively
  (defun print-frame-list ()
    (reduce 'concat
(lambda (frame) "print frame"
 (reduce 'concat
   (mapcar (lambda (s) (format "%s" s))
"TITLE=" (frame-parameter frame 'title) "\n"
"   NAME=" (frame-parameter frame 'name) "\n"
"   explicit-name=" (frame-parameter frame 'explicit-name) "\n"
"   display=" (frame-parameter frame 'display) "\n"
"   frame-height X frame-width=" (frame-height frame) "x" (frame-width frame) "\n"
"   frame-pixel-height X frame-pixel-width=" (frame-pixel-height frame) "x" (frame-pixel-width frame) "\n"
"   visibility=" (frame-parameter frame 'visibility) "\n"
  (defun delete-frames-except (frame-list-to-be-deleted)
    (mapcar 'delete-frame frame-list-to-be-deleted))
  (defun non-selected-frames ()
    (remove-if 'null (mapcar (lambda (f) (if (eq (selected-frame) f) nil f)) (frame-list))))
  (defun delete-frames-except-selected ()
    "delete all frames except for the currently selected frame
useful in cleaning up frames scattered over multiple displays, e.g. multip.le VNC sessions"
    (delete-frames-except (non-selected-frames))
  (defun ag-mips-usual-emacs-frames ()
    "open my usual emacs frames"
    (make-frame-on-display "ubuntu-uarch:1.0")
    (make-frame-on-display "ubuntu-uarch:2.0")
    ;(make-frame-on-display "ubuntu-uarch:3.0")
    (make-frame-on-display "ubuntu-uarch:4.0")
  ;; test (manual, hand-checked)

  ;; Creating a new menu pane in the menu bar to the right of Tools menu
    [menu-bar ag-frame-menu]
    (cons "Frames" (make-sparse-keymap "hoot hoot"))
    'tools )

  ;; Creating a menu item, under the menu by the id [menu-bar mymenu]
    [menu-bar ag-frame-menu dff]
    '("delete-frames-except-selected" . delete-frames-except-selected))

  ;; creating another menu item
    [menu-bar ag-frame-menu df.]
    '("delete-frame" . delete-frame))

  ;; creating another menu item
    [menu-bar ag-frame-menu uf]
    '("usual frames" . ag-mips-usual-emacs-frames))


want speech to text for blog !!

handheld calendar

using android calendar on handheld.

want geo so can detect nonoverlap but too much travel time

want selectable colors

want calendar groups, act/deact together:

eg oceanside tides, surf, weather

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