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Thursday, February 25, 2016

New pad layout and iPad Pro optimization

I am very happy that labels can be displayed underneath the "icons" on even the smallerst 1x1 Quadro button/pads.   As I posted earlier, this really helps.

However, it would also be nice if labels could be displayed underneath the "artwork" on similarly sized Quadro button/pads.

I am not sure of the difference between "icons" and "artwork".  Both are pictures one can display on a pad.  Perhaps artwork is color, and icons are white on black?

In any case, it is unfortunate that the best symbol I have found for "grocery shopping" is not able to have the label text beneath it just because it is "artwork" and not an "icon"  (because it isn't THAT good a symbol).

New pad layout and iPad Pro optimization: "Labels can now be displayed on all pads, including the smallest. Since release, this has been highly requested and was more than necessary with the iPad Pro. (Curious fact: we received more requests for this from iPhone users than iPad!)"

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