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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Performing · Quadro

It looks like Quadro's "fluid gestures" (press on group, group opens, slide to button within group, release) explains the "bouncing" that I have been complaining about.  Although they say that I should be able to tap on a group and then tap on the final item, it appears that my taps are too slow - so they interpret them as "fluid gestures" and select the button beneath the group button.

Many systems have similar UI distinctions, but they usually offer a configuration slider for tap speed.

Performing · Quadro: "Fluid gestures
When launching an action inside a group, or recall an option from the toolbar, the usual method is to tap on the parent (the group for instance) and then again to reach the final item (the action in this case).

A better solution though is to perform the aforementioned task with a single move, called Fluid Gesture. To use fluid gestures, just pose your finger on the nesting item (a Group, the Favorites, the editing button...) and pan, without lifting your finger, to the nested item of choice (an action, a favorite palette...) then lift your finger.

Doing this launches the item your finger was placed on.


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