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Sunday, August 28, 2011

comp-arch.net mal-hacked - cloned, maybe broken into.

Googling "glew FP16" today, I found my own website, comp-arch.net.

But I also found another website, waboba.info, that seems to be a clone of comp-arch.net.

This is probably a malware site, probably directing people to attack code, or at least trying to promote search engine scores.

It is certainly unauthorized. I.e. nobody asked me about setting it up/

It is probably a violation of the very loose copyright and licensing setup for comp-arch.net - a derivative of Creative Commons.

In a way, it is flattering that compo-arch.net might be considered worth cloning. But then again, I imagine that this sort of thing is automated by the bad guys.

If you ever use comp-arch.net stuff, beware of waboba.info, and other possible clones.


If anyone here has advice on steps to take, Id appreciate it.


Of more concern is the fact that my copyright notice,
seems to have disappeared.

Now, this may have happened for innocuous reasons - such as an automatic update of the underlying mediawiki version.

But, it may also indicate that my site has been hacked.
If only to legitimize the unauthorized cloning described above.

I will investigate 0 bt that may take a while.


The real problem here is that I spend very little time working on this site, and I want to spend that time writing content, not administering Mediawiki.

I may need to give in and use a hosted wiki.