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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cozumel Resorts

I feel obliged to post this, sharing info and all that.

Just had a great spring break vacation in Cozumel. My first, or maybe second, in a warm place.

Stayed at Melia Cozumel Resort, north end, west coast. Pleasant, all inclusive.

Nice swimming off Melia beach, although many rocks to stub feet on. 1 lobster, 1 crab, under said rocks.

Nicest aspect of the Melia, for me, was that it was next to the El Cozumeleno resort. A pier or jetty in front of the El Cozumeleno created a sheltered area of clear water with great snorkeling, whereas the water in front of the Melia was cloudy, caused by small surf on beach.

Net: if you like beach, Melia is fine. If you like snorkeling, El Cozumeleno better. But the short distance between the two resorts makes it almsot moot - just a few houses.

A similar note for people who, like me, like snorkeling and SCUBA: the Hotel Park Royal, at the south end of the island, is right across the street from the Aqua World dive outfit.

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