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Sunday, April 06, 2008

More Toshiba TabletPC Woes - the Continuing Story

I still don't have a working Toshiba M400 TabletPC - more than 4 months after I purchased it. I purchased it in part to do my taxes and accounting on, but instead I had to use my wife's HP Pavilion tx1420us Entertainment Notebook PC - another Vista TabletPC.

I swear, I will never again buy a machine site unseen over the Internet!!!! And I will return the machine the moment there is a problem, within the return deadline. Unfortunately, I bought this machine for Xmas, and did not open it up within the requisite 15 days.

I am tempted to say that I will never again buy a Toshiba - but I had a great experience with my last Toshiba TabletPC, a Portege 3505.

I really wish that I could return this new Toshiba TabletPC. Preferably with a refund. Or replace it with a new comparable model of comparable price - although after this experience I am shy of the top end Toshiba/Core 2 Duos. Or even replaced with a working PC of the same model.

I hope that Toshiba will eventually get it all working --- but even so, I have not had any use of it for 4 months, and I would be buying a different model. (E.g. delay repairing a new computer, and the value of the repaired computer plummets.)

I probably just have a lemon. I hope it gets fixed by this trip to the repair depot, as opposed to sending it to the local repair shop.


The latest installment: Toshiba authorized return to depot for service. But the shipping container did not arrive before I left for spring break vacation, and there was a 10 day timeout. Reset by a phone call.

One thing that is becoming obvious: I don't have time to deal with this. With work, plus personal computer work using my wife's working computer (taxes, etc.) the times I can pay attention to this Toshiba are quantized, at particular weekend days or timeslots.


New fillip: after reinstalling the OS, per Toshiba's recommendation, I now am asked for a power-on password. I am unsure whether it is a hard disk password or a BIOS password, or what.

No matter - I don't think I set such a password. I wonder if the power or keyboard problems I suspect are plaguing this machine are causing this password manifestation?

I will just have to rely on the depot service guys zorching the whole thing.

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