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Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Wiki Collaboration Beats Email Collaboration

The local group of wiki evangelists mailed this around.

Comments and wishes:

a) I wish that I had quantitative data on time saved by the faster wiki collaboration cycle compared to the slower email collaboration cycle.

b) Email collaboration can be done off-line - e.g. by an executive (or a Joe Engineer, like me) on an airplane without net access.

c) Email has a built-in gateway function - useful when you are compelled to include organizational enemies in your review list.

d) I suspect something similar applies to SharePoint vs. Wiki. To a first order, you cannot collaborate on SharePoint pages, since the SharePoint editor is so klugey. But SharePoint supports collaboration on documents posted to SharePoint pages, and is better than Wikis (at least lacking WebDAV).
I.e. Wiki wins on collaboration throgh the pages itself.
SharePoint wins on collaboration through documents / attachments.

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