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Monday, May 26, 2008

Fear and Loathing of ... Powering up my PC to see my Outlook calendar

I positively dread having to check my Outlook calendar on my company PC.

This evening it took 12 minutes to get from standby to the point where I could see my calendar - and that 12 minutes was read off the PC clock, so missed 1-2 minutes of boot time.


It was better, briefly, when I was using my AT&T Tilt SmartPhone.

"Better", but only a bit - because I was never able to get Bluetooth synch working, and because IT doesn't allow peons like me to use push - it often was out of date. Everyone talks about synchronizing regularly, but only the truly obsessive do so, unless it requires no user action.

"Was", because my SmartPhone fell circa 26" from desktop to carpeted floor - and broke its display, which now displays a rainbow like collection of colors. ATT provides no support, apart from saying "Well, you could not even have bought a warranty from us when you bought the phone, but sometime this summer we will sell warranties for your next phone."
I have not even begun the process of gettingf the manufacturer, HTC, to homor its warranty.
Pity, because I liked the machine. This may be what I get for buying refurbed instead of new.

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