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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ProcessExplorer - yay

Thanks to Tom Walsh for pointing me to Microsoft's ProcessExplorer, and other sysinternals.

One heck of a lot more useful than task manager.

I continue to waste time tryng to diagnose performance issues that would be better fixed (a) by more DRAM, and (b) a PC upgrade.

E.g. 4 hours wasted today, due to a runaway IT process (BigFix.exe)

I wish I could say "Well, if that's how my employer wants me to spend my time...", but

a) it's my career time that is being wasted. It often seems to me that my employer doesn't give a damn about me wasting my time.

b) even if my employer did, the orgchart doesn't bill IT for time wasted by an engineer like me.

I think more and more about lightweight webpads, as opposed to using IT (not really) managed PCs.

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