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Thursday, August 07, 2008

More slowness at startup

Today was not all that bad - only 5 minutes until I could do something, although I had to leave to go to a meeting before everything was up.

8:44 start from standby

8:47 Outlook screen is redrawn,
With an email that I was composing before I left at the top.
Cannot type at this email, or send.
Can't read Outlook email yet.
Outlook reminders pop up.
Clicking on Outlook reminders to dismiss them - nothing happens.

8:48 switch to Internet Explorer window. Click to close.
Count 30 seconds while waiting for it to close, but still doesn't close.
Switch to another window.

NOTE: the window manager (Windows Explorer?) is alowing me to switch windows.
It redraws the frame quickly, but redrawing the contents of the frame,
which seems to be up to the app, is slow, doesn't happen for > 1 minute

8:49 The email that was on my screen at startup finally gets sent
(or, at least, it responds to mny pressing the send button)

8:50 Acknowledging (dismissing, snoozing) Outlook reminders
takes more than 30 seconds

8:50 The Internet explorer window that I clicked to close at 8:48 finally closes.

8:51 Outlook starts recognizing keystrokes

8:52 I still haven't been able to switch to see any of the email in my Outlook Inbox.

... at this point I have to go to a meeting. When I get back at 10:10, performance is much better.

1 comment:

Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

I left my computer docked for more than an hour while at a meeting.

It is much faster.

But, much to my surprise, it is still archiving Outlook folders. I don't think I have ever seen archiving take so long.

I don't know that I have any control as to when archiving takes place.

It is possible that some add-on software is increasing the archiving workload, since I am subject to legal event holds / searches for some court cases. I thought all of that slowness ocurred server side, not client side, but perhaps I am wrong.

The irritating thing is that this archiving seems to be preventing me from scheduling meetings with my coworkers - it seems to be preventing me from connecting to the Outlook Exchange server to see their calendars.

I may have to reboo9t, and see if that fixes the problem.