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Monday, September 01, 2008


AndyGlew I can imagine IT saying that the only reasonable way to comply with SOX or legal holds would be to have a keyboard and mouse logger. 25 minutes ago from web

AndyGlew Plus, I may be legally required to record all of my "postings" - including twitterings. 26 minutes ago from web

AndyGlew Twitter: yet another "medium": a single message may need to be posted to one or more twitter, IM, text, email, wikis, etc. 26 minutes ago from web

AndyGlew Why I need a PDA: password archive. (Just forgot my newly created twitter password.) 35 minutes ago from web

AndyGlew @jeriellsworth computer controlled cars will help conserve energy, reduce carbon footprint: you'd driver slower on autopilot, increasing MPG 39 minutes ago from web in reply to jeriellsworth

AndyGlew Shopping for PDA *separate* from cell phone. Back to the future. Few phones are good pen based PDAS. Gave up on AT&T Tilt in disgust. 42 minutes ago from web

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