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Friday, December 05, 2008

I bitch a lot, but what can be done about it?

I bitch a lot about how slow my computer is, but what can be done about it.

First, my job is to make computers faster. I am working on one aspect of speeding this up - but I am frustrated that executives do not perceive that this is a problem. Probably because they have faster, newer, computers than me.

Second, I wish that my IT department would give me a desktop PC rather than a laptop. The point of my bitching is that my laptop is becoming less and less useful with these slownesses. My productivity at work would be sped up having a desktop, that did not need to go slow as often.

Actually, I would rather have a Linux PC than a Windows PC. All I really need is an X Windows terminal on my desk that I can open up on some interactive compute server. Such a configuration probably saves money. Or, if you have desktop PCs, the desktops can be used for "cloud" computing.

I wish that my IT department would allow me to "dial in" to work using my own PC. Anything to avoid the slowness of a Windows PC with an IT load of software coming out of standby.

Third, I would like my IT department to seriously consider giving me a device like a BlackBerry. Many of my supposedly quick attempts to access my computer are to check my calendar, with checking email a little bit less frequent. Something like a BlackBerry would help (at least until BlackBerry gets lots of virus scanners).

Since my IT department does not want to spend the money for me to have a BackBerry, I wish that my IT department would allow me to purchase a BlackBerry, and allow me to spend the money, circa 50$/month, to have it connected to the corporate network.

Finally, again on a personal level, since my employer's IT department doesn't seem to be willing to do anything to resolve these slownesses, at some point I am going to have to follow the adage "If you can't change your organization, change your organization." I want to see my current project to an end, but after this (which may be 5 years from now) I will go looking for a new employer unless this IT stupidity is resolved. Criterion for such a new employer, apart from the usual interesting work, and sufficient money, will definitely include IT support:
* "instant-on" mobile PCs
* dedicated desktop screen access to compute servers
* ability to dial in from a personal computer, not a corporate laptop
* remote access to calendar (and email) from a SmartPhone
* willingness to upgrade my PC more than once every 4 years

This economic downturn is probably not the time to be ranting, in public, threatening to leave my job. But this IT situation is driving me crazy!!!!!

I don't want to leave my job before the end of my current project. I like seeing my projects through to completion. But it is almost ready to roll on its own - it no longer needs the original inventor and architect (me), to drive it along.

So, if a recruiter and headhunter wants to contact me about some other company --- well, if you can promise me a better IT situation, I will seriously consider it.

However, although I get a headhunter circa once a week, I doubt very much that any of them will google me this much. And I will probably scare off any mediocre hiring exec, who will read this public bitching. So be it! I do not want to work at such a company anyway.


But, overall, I hope that my project, and others, will improve this crappy situation.

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