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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yet Another Outlook Lost Calendar Item

My boss came into my office and said "Andy, do you ever check your calendar?" As in "Why aren't you in a meeting with me right now?" He didn't say it angrily, because he's too calm a guy for that - but he was annoyed.

I'm glad that he actually came to my office. He was able to look over my shoulder and see that there was, in fact, no meeting on my Outlook calendar, on my PC. The meeting was on his calendar on his PC. It was marked as having been accepted by me. But it was not on my PC.

Yet another example of Outlook problems.

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Anonymous said...

It is INCREDIBLE how bad Outlook is. Microsoft software in general. They have so much cash, so many users, but it is clear that the software is not being tested with any depth before it gets out the door.

Or is it Intel processors dropping bits?