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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Implications of paying for data transfers at home

More and more broadband providers are starting to set limits on bandwidth available to home broadband users, and/or to charge for "excessive" bandwidth use.

This will impacting folks who download movies.

But it may also impact folks like me,who don't download movies, but who do work at home. My biggest bandwidth usages are:?

a) downloading software to install on my work PC

This includes both open source software like Open Office or Cygwin, as well as company provided software. I often do such downloads overnight, at home, instead of at work, so as not tio impact work time.

b) backing up my lapop PC - company provided backup software that mainly, again, runs overnight, typically when I am at home.

c) installing software updates, bug patches, etc.

Again, stuff pushed to me by IT.

If I run into such bandwidth limitations at home, how will it impact productivity at work?

This is another nail in the coffin

a) of the "free ride" companies have been getting on home broadband

b) of laptop PCs - if my work PC were a desktop at work, it could use company bandwidth

c) of PCs overall - keep the high bandwidth stuff on a centralized server.

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