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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travelling, with Power Supplies

Packing for a short trip - 2 days and nights on business, 2 back with my family in Portland, and then back to Bellevue.

A significant portion of my luggage is taken up by power supplies.

What I want to take: 2 power supplies, 1 for each of my laptop PCs, work and personal; 2 smaller power supplies, 1 for each of my phones, work and personal; 1 big supply for my CPAP medical device.

I have separate work/personal PCs/phones because I still have to go to great lengths to separate work stuff from personal stuff. I wish I only had one.

I'll eliminate one of the phone chargers, at the cost of not bing able to charge them simultaneously.

I love the idea of "universal" chargers like the iGo, so much so that I have two, and probably need to buy a third for my new devices. They aren't as universal as one might hope. Unless one adapter can plug in 2 PCs and 2 phones simultaneously, you have the "Gotta remember to swap chargers" problem. Many such universal chargers can charge a cell phone and a PC simultaneously.

I wish that I could also squeeze a power bar or squid into my carry-on.

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