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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Now what shall I code?

Having left Intel, I'm free to post on comp.arch, and hopeful that some of my inventions will get patented.

But... I have spent much of my career coding. Simulators. E.g. 2006-2009, pair programming on my security project.

My new job involves reading, writing.  But not much coding.  In my spare time I will work on my wiki, http://semipublic.comp-arch.net/wiki, and my own inventions, although I plan to see if V will patent them.

However, I don't want to let my coding skills lapse.  So, what shall I code?  In the short term, perhaps, I will code mainly for my website.

Mediawiki PHP, or client-side Javascript?  Probably the latter, since seems more useful.

Eventually I will have to write a simulator. Again. What is this, the 3rd of 4th time?


Anonymous said...

Something to do with virtualization would probably be the most interesting. For example you could devise some new opcode and then add support to kvm/qemu for implementing it. This could prove or disprove various theories about hardware in the past without actually having to make a new chip, compiler and operating system. (I'd expect you'd pick a currently unused x86 opcode.)

ndw said...

In the short term, perhaps, I will code mainly for my website.

Serendipity do da. That's what I'm up to as well. I'm plowing through the jQuery book at the moment.

I have a larger project in mind; to write a comment plug-in for Blogger and / or Wordpress "that doesn't suck".