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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dual Tablet PC

I love my tablet PC.  But...

Actually, I prefer reading articles and academic publications on paper.
But it is a hassle to print papers downloaded from the web
And there is always the hope that one day decent annotation software will arise.

Anyway, reading papers on my tablet PC is infinitely preferable to reading papers on my desktop system.
The latter is work, and literally a pain in the neck.
The former is a pleasure.

But: when I used to read papers at school in the library,
I would have the journal or the paper on one side of the desk,
and my notebook in the other.

Problem: I only have one tablet PC.  Splitting the screen spatially or temporally between the paper I am reading and my notebook software is a pain.

What I want is a dual tablet PC.  One PC, or at least one interface, that has two tablet surfaces.

Possibly attached.

Possibly one e-paper optimized for reading, and a second dynamic for writing.

Or possible 2 displays that fold open like a book.  (TBD: I have a link to such a product proposal.)

But even more likely two independent tablet surfaces.  Separately positionable.  I often used to read books with my notebook or notepaper oriented perpendicular.

It might be acceptable, or even desirable, to tether the to displays by a cable.  Just like I like tethering my pen: prevents them getting lost or separated.

But it might equally well be desirable to link the different display surfaces by radio or other wireless.

(Funny idea: body area networking, through the user body, for the link.)

Possibly could be separate PCs, but want to couple e.g. so that cut and paste from one table to the other can work.


Not just dual tablet PC.  Multi tablet PC  But dual would be a good start.


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