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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cygwin X multidisplay bug

Today I figured out a problem that has been plaguing me on Cygwin for a year or two, since  things broke in an update.   (I probably figured it out before, but neglected to record or remember it.)

When I start up Xwin -multiwindow, using  windows manipulated by MS Windows rather than a desktop in an MS Window window (try saying that fast), the initial xterm was always invisible.

Eventually I realized that if I maximized it from the MS Windows task bar, I could see it.

Apparently, this window was being created at location (0,0) in a bounding box for my multi-display configuration.   (That's multiple physical displays, not multiple X  displays.)  However, location (0,0) was invisible - since my multi-display configuration has a big tall portrait mode window in the middle for reading PDFs, with flat landscape displays on either side for webpages. The portrait display rising above landscape displays.

By the way, it is actually +1+1 asthe  default location, not +0+0. Minor  difference.

I need to play around  and see if I can find a guaranteed visible place.

Removing the geometry spec seems to work okay for me.

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