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Thursday, January 27, 2011

ISO mediawaiki macro

I'm still using mediawiki for my comp-arch wiki.

I want a "macro", something like

   {{acronym_and_term SIMT "simultaneous multithreading"}

that will create pages

   simultaneous mulrtithreading
   SMT (simultaneous multithreading)

and redirect them all to
   simultaneous multithreading (SMT)

Come to think of it, a primitive
    {{create_redirect_to_current_page  Redirect_From}
would be nice.

I imagine that it would first see if the Redirect_From page already exists.  If not, it would create
it, redirecting to the current page.  If so, it would probably not do anything - which might be a minor lossage if
the Redirect_From page doesn't link to the current page, but which allows things like disambiguation pages.

Perfunctory attempts to find this on mediawiki fail; I'm not sure where to go ask (and I confess to not liking the wikimedia community).

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