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Sunday, January 16, 2011


The title pretty much says it all:
the public comp-arch wiki was shutdown because of an attack
that caused corruption
- specifically, pages direct to what can only be assumed to be malware infested websites

See [[WikiAdminLog: Description of attack on wiki.public.comp-arch.net, November 2011]].

My hope has long been to have a wik site for computer architecture discussions.
I set up a semipublicarea, writeable by me and readable by the world,
and a public area, read/write by the world
(with whatever security mediawiki provides, e.g. Captchas).

The public site has been attacked twice.
Can't really say that the security was broken,
just that the attackers or spammers took advantage  of the openness of wiki.

Shutting it down.
Jan 16, 2011.

http://wiki.public.comp-arch.net/ - public wiki - now shut down

semipublic wiki still okay:

Description of attack

This page

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